2015 - Experimental interactive animation.

Wierde is an experimental interactive animation that simulates a 'Dutch mountain village on an island'. You, the observer, are able to control the village security system and observe the inhabitants during their daily life... with all its consequences.

For many of us this project was our first exploration in real-time content.

Creator - Bob Los
Creator - Elsemiek Olthof
Creator - Bram Meulman
Creator - Mike von Rotz
Creator - Wilbert van Veldhuizen
Creator - Joost Jordens

Music - Ran Schonewille
Sound Design - Tom de Smit
Sound Design - Sjoerd Kats
Audio Programmer - Roelf Mik

Voice Coach - Tom de Smit
Voice Coach - Sjoerd Kats
Voice - Egbert de Ruijter
Voice - Nola Klop
Voice - Friso Hoekstra
Voice - Mick van Gasteren

Special Thanks - Bobby de Groot
Special Thanks - Egbert de Ruijter
Special Thanks - Stijn Windig
Special Thanks - Colorbleed