Contact Information.

Joost Jordens is an artist and director based in The Netherlands. With a broad interest in various types of media Joost has worked in Animation, Virtual Reality, Games, Film and Motion Graphics.

“I really enjoy being involved in all aspects of a production, whether it is concept development or learning a new technical skill. My motivation comes from creating the final product and being able to make creative choices that support my vision.”
2016 - Transition - Reflet d'Or for Best VR Work - Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans
2016 - Transition - FUTURE SPACES Best VR Film - Kurzfilmfestival Cologne KFFK N°10
2016 - Transition - Best Innovative Graduation Project - Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU) Awards
2015 - Hout - Nominated for Best Animation and Film, Shortcutz Annual Awards, Amsterdam
2014 - Hout - Winner of November, Shortcutz Weekly, Amsterdam
Working Experience.

October 2017 - Currently
WERF, The Outpost, Colorbleed

House of Secrets, Amsterdam
Designer on Virtual Reality Title ‘KIN’
October 2016 - October 2017

House of Secrets, Amsterdam
3D Internship
September 2014 - January 2015

TAXI-EU, Amsterdam
Motion Graphics Internship
February 2011 - June 2011

Autodidact, Soest
Motion Graphics Internship
August 2011 - January 2012
2012-2016 Bachelor of Design in Animation, Utrecht University of the Arts HKU
2008-2012 Media Design Animation Audiovisual, Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht GLU
2017 - Panel - How to produce an animated VR film?, Anima Animation Festival Brussel
2017 - Panel - Cross Media Storytelling, GoShort International Film Festival Nijmegen
2016 - Game Jam - VR Jam hosted by Epic Games at the FMX in Stuttgart.
2016 - Presentation - VR Development, Geneva International Film Festival 2016
2016 - Presentation - VR Development, Utrecht University of the Arts Awards 2016
2016 - Interview - VERS Evening: Meet the next animators, Amsterdam 2016
Maya - V-Ray - Blackmagic Fusion & Resolve - Unity - Unreal Engine - Adobe Suite - Substance Painter - HTML & CSS.