2016 - A Virtual Reality Experience.

'Transition' is an award winning virtual reality experience based on the music of Kettel & Secede - 'Canned Forever'. A metaphor for death, ‘Transition’ takes you on a journey from one world into the next.

Available on the Oculus Store.

Together with Mike von Rotz I set out to finish my studies at the Utrecht University of the Arts with a Virtual Reality Project. At the time, late 2015, the Oculus Demo page was saturated with what we call ‘Rollercoaster Experiences’. These experiences often put the user in an extreme situation where simulation sickness is common. We felt like there was room for a more soothing experience.

Thus, we started working on ‘Transition’ with the following criteria: A soothing experience which allows the user to get used to the new medium. We also decided to base the experience on the music of two of my favorite musicians, Kettel and Secede. The track ‘Canned Forever’ from their album ‘When Can’ had always been a big inspiration for me and felt like a perfect match for this project. We're are still very grateful that they gave us permission to use their music.

Creator - Mike von Rotz
Creator - Joost Jordens

Music - Kettel
Music - Secede

Special Thanks - Arjan van Meerten
Special Thanks - Sven Neve
Special Thanks - Ruud Renting
Special Thanks - Oculus
Special Thanks - Egbert de Ruijter
Special Thanks - Bobby de Groot
2016 - Reflet d'Or for Best VR Work - Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans
2016 - FUTURE SPACES Best VR Film - Kurzfilmfestival Cologne KFFK N°10
2016 - Best Innovative Graduation Project - Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU) Awards
Exhibitions & Festivals.
2016 - Kaleidoscope Summer Showcase
2016 - Netherlands Film Festival, Utrecht
2016 - KLIK! Animation Festival, Amsterdam
2016 - Dream Logic: The Art of Dying, San Francisco
2016 - Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans
2016 - Kurzfilmfestival Cologne - KFFK - N°10
2017 - Anima The Brussels Animation Festival
2017 - Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen
2017 - Hyper Virtual Festival, Sao Paulo
2017 - The Art of Dying Exhibition, Norfolk
2017 - FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo
360° Animatic.
During the production we discovered that traditional storyboarding is not that useful for producing a Virtual Reality film. This is why we decided to build a 360° animatic, which is displayed below.
Images illustrating the production of 'Transition'.